Blurb Writing

Blurb Review and Revisions

Allows for personal review of a written blurb and up to two revisions of the blurb with a NYT/USAT Bestselling Author.

Blurbs are essential in drawing in readers. You may have a fantastic story, but if your blurb doesn’t draw readers to click on the sample so you can hook them, it will remain unknown. Some of the best authors in the world struggle to write a blurb that captures the essence of their story. The key is to hook the reader, draw them in, leave them yearning for more, and give them an irresistible call to action that makes them click on the download or buy button.

Don’t lose a reader because of a bad blurb; take charge of your book’s best selling feature with a dynamic hook – your story!

Your investment: $250

*Bonus: Add five loglines for marketing and promotional purposes for $50 more! Loglines are great for marketing on your website, ads, memes, and more!

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